Frequently Asked Questions

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Just like all other businesses globally, this pandemic has devastated our industry. GlobalityNet is adhering with local ordinances with associates working from home or in the office with limitations where allowed.

While we don’t compete on price, cost-savings will be around 40%-60% compared to U.S. rates. Our prices in the price page include all equipment, materials and labor.

We are a data-driven and action-oriented company. We measure our associates in productivity and accuracy. Areas that are challenging for associates to attain are addressed via one-on-one coaching or via team re-training.

Without getting too technical, we can handle virtually any telephony set-up your company prefers. We can go over the specific technicalities when we have our introductory calls.

We have different ways of accepting your documents. We can receive/send via email to a designated address or via cloud.

The different ways of communication with us is email, chat, Skype or phone call (depending on account type). We are also developing a ticketing system that you can access via our website. Regardless of type of correspondence, you can reach us 24/7.

We have a 2-tier quality assurance tests. Your accounts are constantly reviewed by our Senior Associates as a 1st level QA test and again reviewed by our Head of Accounting Services prior to the finalization of the financial statements.

We have a pool of accounting professionals with a wide range of exposure in various industries and organizational sizes. We have handled Small to Medium Enterprises in the fields of Information Technology, Healthcare and Hospitals, Contact Centers (BPOs), Construction, Retail and Wholesale trading (online and physical stores), Manufacturing, Film Production, Foundations and Non-profit Organizations amongst others.

We have a strict set of access controls on the data sent from our clients. Only those with the appropriate access levels can open files of a particular client. Additionally, associates are not allowed to enter rooms where they do not have access or no need to be in.

While most of our clients are using Quickbooks Online, we have equipped ourselves to cater to any other online accounting tool that our clients may wish to use for their financial recording and reporting.