GlobalityNet is founded by myself, Gino Gatmaitan, and has its HQ in LA, CA but we have offices in the Philippines and Mexico.

  • I have experience managing remote teams and logistic solutions for companies like Amazon and Government sponsored programs.
  • You have a lot of experience hiring abroad so you know the work it entails, especially the pain points.
      • Little security as employees can run away with your data with no legal recourse to be had.
      • Training is time consuming and then re-training new employees even more so.
      • Upwork takes money from your employees, no one is happy about that.
      • You need a person to cover some or all of the hiring process and that’s expensive.
  • With Globality helping you with your hiring process, we can literally solve every pain point mentioned above for a few dollars more than what you are already paying.
  • What’s more, the extra overhead, on an already reduced overhead, is saved by not tasking local, expensive employees with things our company solves for you from the get go.
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