What are the benefits of using a BPO company when hiring remote employees abroad?

hiring remote employees

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They are pretty extensive and we highly, highly recommend it as it basically pays for itself. The first benefit is that it saves you time and money.

Taking the time to:

  • Search for Candidates
  • Interview Them
  • Hire Them
  • Train Them
  • Manage Them

Search For Candidates

Let’s focus on the time and money you will save when searching for candidates. Bottom line is, someone has to do it. On top of it, there is always the risk that it isn’t done right if you do it by yourself.

Many companies have recruiters and hiring teams who focus on only that but, some others can only assign these duties to general managers who may have limited time and no interest whatsoever in wanting to interview and hire. This can mean a loss of time and money for you and your business.

This is why hiring and searching for employees through a BPO company is a huge advantage. They will contact your foreign remote candidates and employees, meaning that there is a human presence and that goes a long way when hiring foreign teammates. Think of a BPO company as the manager for your foreign call center and an extension of your presence abroad.

Interview Them

During and after the COVID-19 epidemic, virtual interviews are becoming increasingly popular, especially since they’re more convenient. They differ from traditional face-to-face interviews, such as those you’ve done in the past.


For many organizations, recruiting isn’t a special procedure; it’s a series of interviews with prospective employees. But the reality is that you’re not just meeting another person; you’re gathering evidence to see if they have the right talents, attitudes, and cultural compatibility for a job at your firm.


This is why at GlobalityNet, we go through our recruitment efforts with a well-defined recruiting and interview procedure that ensures that everyone understands it. This not only maintains consistency throughout the entire hiring process, but it also ensures that the final selection is more accurate and reliable.

Hire Them 

Hiring remote employees has many benefits, and even more if you’re not doing the hiring or interview process! Did you know that you can save up to 20-50% on wages just by hiring remote employees in a less expensive city or even country?

When hiring remote employees through BPO companies like GlobalityNet, you can rest assured that we will hire the best talent out there, which is what your company really needs. And not only that, but you even get to save up to 30% on office and overhead costs when hiring remotely!

Something that many people ask us is, “how well do outsourced employees speak and write English”? At GlobalityNet, we outsource to the Philippines and to Mexico as well. Our main goal when outsourcing work is to be able to find the best foreign, virtual employees who speak great English and with proper grammar.

True, some may have an accent, as English isn’t their native language, but they are still very comprehensible. We have native English speakers or accent neutral agents in our Mexico center. Also, consider that Spanish and Tagalog are more closely related to English than other Southeast Asian and Indian languages.

Meanwhile, grammar-wise, some may say our outsourced agents in the Philippines have better grammar than us here in the states. That’s because English is taught in schools from elementary to high school. In addition, agents have minimal exposure to informal day-to-day slang we use in America.

Train Them 

Did you know that over a quarter of the workforce in the United States now works from home at least part of the time? This startling transformation has left many businesses scrambling to offer necessary employee training. Many employees – and their trainers – are now working outside of the office for the first time as a result of these new regulations.

This problem is exacerbated when planned workplace training must be transferred to remote delivery of work-related activities and projects. But, is it really a problem, or are we just afraid to do something new and innovative?

For most businesses, the virtual training approach and onboarding of staff are relatively new ideas. The training of staff members is one of the most significant distinctions between real and virtual call centers. Virtual training isn’t a new idea anymore. Managers and leaders may have a hard time prioritizing their workers’ training needs when they are first getting started with remote work. The ideal place to begin is with the onboarding process.

Improving customer service is only half of the problem; you must also teach agents how to improve their personal lives. Working effectively in a stressful situation, dealing with things properly, and cooperating with others are all skills that may be improved through experience.

Virtual training programs, such as customer service and online sales training, are essential for businesses. These can’t be postponed or put on hold since they are essential to company development, as well as employee skill-building and engagement.

The key to training talents for skills like delivering them product knowledge, customer engagement in sales, and customer support in a remote setting is to seek out virtual solutions that allow employees to learn. The benefits of video as a training and recruiting tool are numerous. Not only does it have a long-term effect, but it also engages employees from the trainer’s or supervisor’s in-person perspective.

At GobalityNet, this phase is also known as on-boarding. This not only includes sourcing, and hiring but also training your outsourced remote employees. How is this done?

Basically, you will be assigned an onboarding Success Manager to help drive all of these aspects between you and our internal teams to bridge them and your new outsourced remote employees. Outsource employee pricing and training beat and exceed local solutions and the on-boarding process is made as simple as possible for you by your dedicated Success Manager.

They will also ensure all systems and training is completed for your outsourced team; we apply a train-the-trainer methodology ensuring we fully understand your expectations and procedures and that your new team members are ready to take on your business goals just as well as your local team.

Don’t have training documentation? No worries, we have experience in developing training manuals and we’ll do it at no charge. Training your remote employees is just as easy as training your local staff. In fact, it’s even easier. For example, a remote customer service team will start day one with a head start. We train to your needs so that you refine once your foreign remote employees get started.

Manage Them

Since you aren’t in the same location as your employees when it comes to outsourcing, managing them can seem a bit trickier than the typical managing you’d do in person.  You can’t walk the floor or physically interact with your team, but you are still responsible to keep them engaged and productive. But, how can a BPO company help you here?

  • Communication:

When it comes to managing remote workers, communication is essential. Though you won’t be in touch with your remote employees, tools like video conferencing allow us to keep in touch, connected, and informed.

Video conferences enable your staff to hear what you have to say and increase employee involvement. While a face-to-face conversation with premise-based employees may not be as personal, video conferencing can help keep your remote team connected.

  • Strong Company Culture

Outline your expectations for every aspect of the job and for every employee, whether they are in-house or remote employees, and emphasize the values that define your organization. Let us know how you expect your remote workers to treat clients and what to do if something goes wrong. Give your staff a clear grasp of how they should represent the firm.

GlobalityNet Can Help You Hire The Perfect Dream Team

At GlobalityNet, we’ll work with you to understand your needs and wants in terms of hiring foreign remote employees to meet and exceed your expectations. What happens afterwards?


Once your team has been picked, we will have an assigned manager who will drive the day-to-day operations as well as the coaching of your remote team members. To ensure a successful transition from traditional operations to a modern, remote and flexible outsourcing solution, we will monitor all metrics and KPIs closely and make appropriate adjustments where targets are not being met. We will provide continuous feedback to you so you know exactly what’s going on with your outsourced remote dream team.


Contact us today in order to get started!

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