What Types Of Jobs Can Be Performed By People in Other Countries?

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What types of jobs can be performed by people in other countries? If you’re a busy entrepreneur or company owner who’s working hard to meet your objectives, you know that outsourcing tasks that take up important time is a smart and helpful solution to a lot of problems.

But, before you delegate any responsibilities to a great BPO Company, think about which tasks are commonly outsourced. What can you outsource and is it really beneficial to delegate certain parts of your business to someone who is hundreds of miles away?

Top 6 Jobs That Can Be Outsourced

IT Support

Modern day businesses rely on technology. From something as simple as a password being lost to the extreme disaster of a compromised database – we need to ensure that we have the proper IT support. However, it can get really expensive to integrate a full time IT person onsite. 

This is when outsourcing comes to the rescue! A BPO firm may work in two directions: 

  1. Remote Desktop Support for Your Teams

Remote support has never been easier. A remote employee, at a fraction of the cost, can easily provide support to an employee as if they were standing right next to them. They can help with directives that are simple to follow or even by controlling their computer remotely.

  1. Remote Support for Your Clients

The same exact thing can be done for your clients. Remote IT support for your clients can be just as easily done as it is done for your employees. A job like this would go for $30 to $40 USD in California for example. But a remote employee can easily do this for a fraction of the cost.

For example, if you have a dashboard where clients log in to view their cases, tickets, or any data related to your services and for one reason or another they can’t access it – a remote IT person can easily provide them support! If they forgot their pass and are not receiving it, a remote support agent can provide your clients with all the steps they need to get it done. 


It’s no secret that advertising and/or marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Many company owners, however, are unwilling to devote a large portion of their budget to advertising. Outsourcing in this sphere has many benefits:

  • Using an outsourced team can cost less and deliver a better return on investment (ROI), as outsourcing generally gives you access to a wider pool of expertise.
  • It can help you get where you want to be quicker, with fewer overheads than employing full-time staff to cover all marketing specialisms
  • Zero Long-Time Commitment! Most firms operate on short or rolling contracts, so you can try out marketing activity without committing long term, allowing you to test it and see what works for your business.
  • You’ll have access to an entire marketing team (marketing, design, development, SEO, and PPC) and the cost of that team can work out less than hiring an individual team member, who may only have one specialism.

Outsourcing marketing to an agency is no longer a fad, but it is something that every modern business must do. From tiny internet companies to energy giants, outsourcing a marketing team is not only necessary but also beneficial nowadays. Even if your business is located across the world, you may profit from the services of the most qualified and highly recommended marketing firm.


It’s no surprise that the popularity of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping has risen in recent years. Teams are increasingly working remotely as they go digital, with a number of advantages.

Outsourced accountants can take care of all financial activities, such as bookkeeping, payroll, financial reports, management accounting, tax, accounts payable and receivables collection, and debt collecting.

At GlobalityNet, we firmly believe that outsourcing your accounting team means you can focus on managing your business while we handle your books. We provide remote accounting services for small/midsize companies and CPA firms. 

From data entry to experienced accounting teams, we can help you solve your accounting needs by providing you with Philippines or Latin America based employees for a fraction of the cost and with all the skills you need.

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Supply Chain

Traditionally, the supply chain management process, which includes everything from product procurement to delivery, was handled in-house.

With the increasing demand for eCommerce purchases, businesses must make a tough choice: either rapidly expand their operations or outsource their supply chain to a third-party logistics provider (3PL).

Many merchants are wary of outsourcing supply chain activities, but there are several advantages to doing so. In fact, retail and eCommerce firms that adopt it will almost certainly experience enhanced efficiency, lower shipping prices, and fulfillment at scale.

At GlobalityNet, we can help sort through the supply chain stuff while also reducing costs with supply chain outsourcing. Here are some key areas where we can enhance your supply chain operations:

Ecommerce Support

As your business grows, you will need a team to handle all of the day-to-day tasks to ensure customer orders are delivered in a timely manner. Outsourcing means more team members as you save money. Back-end data entry, front-end customer support – whatever you need to support your e-commerce solutions is augmented by integrating employee outsourcing to different parts of the world.

  • Shipping Support
  • Back-Office
  • Analysis

Procurement Outsourcing

Maximize your team’s productivity by giving them the value-added work while GlobalityNet takes care of non-core tasks.

  • Purchase Orders
  • Expedites and Follow-Ups
  • Analysis and Reporting



Customer Support

Customer support is an important aspect of your company’s success. Even if you have the best items in your business, it won’t succeed without good customer support. It entices new buyers and keeps returning customers coming back for more, so it’s important to take care of it.

Unfortunately, many businesses are under pressure for resources. They don’t have the manpower or time to attend to their clients’ after-purchase requirements. Customers may rebel and damage their service provider’s reputation if the service becomes terrible enough.

Outsourcing customer support may help you avoid these hazards. A well-planned service approach can keep clients happy while also relieving your employees of any additional burden.

At GlobalityNet, we firmly believe that “creating a great customer experience doesn’t happen by accident, it must be planned for, studied, tweaked, and continuously improved”.

We promise to:

  • Enhance your Customer’s experience each time they reach out to your company

We have a highly experienced team who can elevate your customer service game to the next level, at significantly reduced costs.

  • Delight your customers every time they reach out to your company

GlobalityNet can help your clientele at every step of the buyer journey, from Awareness to Purchase, even Returns.

We’ll be there for you and your clients every step of the way.


GlobalityNet and Your Company

We hope that you found the information we provided for each example to be sufficient and accurate. It’s critical to understand how to make your business processes simpler while also devoting all of your time to activities you enjoy. Every company needs a healthy balance between resources spent and profits earned.

Get your business to the next level with quality, foreign remote workers with great English. From Customer Service Outsourcing to Supply Chain Outsourcing and more – at GlobalityNet, we’re the secret sauce for your remote hiring and outsourcing needs! Contact us today and start your outsourcing journey now!

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