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Offshoring Customer Service: How it can Help Small and Mid-Size Business?

Thanks to globalization, what seemed impossible a decade back is already in action today. The invisible borders among the countries have blurred, and the other side of the world does not appear that far. This has created endless business possibilities for MNCs, enterprises, and even startups. You have a global market at your aid and business assistance from all over the world at a few clicks. As such, the concept of offshoring customer service emerged as a boon for many businesses in the USA. However, one should not confuse outsourcing with offshoring. Outsourcing is to delegate some of your company’s work to another firm. In contrast, offshoring is delegating your work to a company in another country. Offshoring is common for operational services such as administration, banking, support services, and call centers. Although this

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Top 5 Reasons to
Work With GlobalityNet

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Competitive Pricing

We can reduce your costs by up to 70-80% while also improving performance and productivity.

The number 2

Short-Term Trial Period*

We’re so confident that you’ll be satisfied with our services that we offer a 90 or 120-day trial period to see if we are a good fit.

The number 3

Personalized Service

Unlike other BPOs, we provide personalized service; regardless the size of your business, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

The number 4


We can easily expand or reduce the size of your GlobalityNet team according to your company’s growth, contraction or seasonality.

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Better Business Bureau Certified

Dealing with companies offshore can be risky, we’re an American company that is A+ certified with the Better Business Bureau.

*Ask us for details

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