Reasons to Outsource to the Philippines


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The Philippines is one of the major players in the business process outsource industry today, both in customer support services and other fields. It is now one of the prominent destinations for outsourcing IT support services such as web designing, mobile app development, technical support, and more. 

BPO firms in the Philippines employ about 2 million people and contribute significantly to the Philippine economy and foreign exchange transfers. Hence, this nation has emerged as a formidable rival to major global BPO giants like India.

Employment in the Philippines’ BPO industry reached an all-time high of 1.15 million in 2015, and the trend continued in 2016, with 1.3 million total employment generation, a figure anticipated to rise by 17% every year. As a result, with revenues expected to reach $48 billion by 2020, the Philippines is quickly establishing itself as the next successor to the outsourcing throne. 

If you are looking to outsource your business operations, the Philippines can be a great option for you. 

1. Significant Cost Savings 

Without question, one of the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines is cost reduction, which is a key reason why firms outsource to low-cost countries. In the Philippines, labor costs are up to 70% off to that of the US or the UK. 


Moreover, as a business owner, you will save on other overhead expenditures such as commercial space, benefits, HR fees, technological equipment, taxes, and so on. Often, company owners may save up to 60% on expenditures just by outsourcing to the Philippines.

2. Skilled Workers

While it is a common misconception that BPO in the Philippines is restricted to call centers, there is a wide range of companies offering talent in areas such as HR, customer service, software development, motion graphics, graphic design, and much more. While cost savings as a major reason company outsource, with the majority of the outsourcing industry workers having some college or have completed an undergraduate degree, businesses find outstanding talent for the job.


When given clear instructions, Filipino personnel can be remarkably inventive. They can discover simpler ways to do their assigned jobs with minimum supervision. In addition, they are quick learners and can quickly adjust to new systems, procedures, technologies, and work environments.

3. Exceptional Work Ethic

Filipino teams showcase strong work ethics, morals, honesty, and loyalty. Further, they have a service-oriented mentality and create a welcoming environment in any organization’s culture. They appreciate integrity as much as they value time, and they have an inherent respect for others both in and out of the workplace. Filipinos are typically aware of what it means to have fun while still being aware of the responsibilities that come with it, and they place a high value on professionalism.

4. No Language Barrier

English is one of the country’s official languages, and it is utilized in both verbal and written teaching throughout the country. Due to its literacy rate of 562 out of 700, it’s easy to see why corporations choose to outsource to the Philippines. As a result, the BPO sector is brimming with people who speak excellent English with American accents. This neutral accent and manner of speech are ideal for voice-based businesses like contact centers and virtual staffing. Broadcasters in the United States and the United Kingdom also find it easier to engage with service providers in the Philippines since language is not as big an issue compared to other low-cost countries.

5. Young Demographic

The Philippines has a fairly young population, with an average age of 23 years old. This generation has grown up in a technologically advanced environment and hence has an intuitive grasp of how technology can be used to improve business solutions. Many of the kids also have access to top-tier education that prepares them for the BPO industry, easing their entry into the market with the necessary skill sets.

6. Data Privacy Regulations

The Philippines government has played a critical role in ensuring that the BPO business in the Philippines may survive and develop by enacting favorable legislation and policies. Because outsourcing operations typically include sharing sensitive data, the Philippines government-approved data privacy legislation in 2012 to guarantee that privacy requirements meet international norms. According to this statute, rigorous rules have been put in place to secure sensitive, confidential data from unauthorized access, as a consequence of which industries such as healthcare are now turning to the Philippines as a potential outsourcing destination.

7. Cultural Affinity

As a country colonized by foreign invaders in the past such as the US, Filipino culture has been inspired by ethical ideals, traditions, rituals, behaviors, from other countries. This past is what makes up the Filipino character today. They have absorbed not just numerous western cultural practices, but also a way of life. They interact successfully with their international counterparts in the business since there is practically no language barrier, and they may discuss similar interests such as sports, politics, television, news, or job issues. This embrace of a western lifestyle has fostered compatibility between Filipinos and foreign cultures, providing them an advantage over others. 

8. Strong Government Support

The BPO sector is a major economic pillar in the Philippines, and as a result, the Philippine government has done an excellent job of identifying the potential of the BPO industry and encouraging its expansion by permitting both infrastructural and policy development. This includes collaborating with universities to develop a BPO-specific curriculum, establishing TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority), tax breaks and SOPs to encourage foreign investment, and the formation of the National Information and Communication Technology Council to further the growth of the economy.

Want to Outsource to the Philippines?

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