COVID 19 and Outsourcing: What Will Change?


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COVID-19 has exposed flaws in the conventional outsourcing model. As the world adjusts to a new normal, lessons from this pandemic are likely to influence how businesses approach their outsourcing agreements in the future. As a result, we’ll look at how outsourcing is evolving as a result of the pandemic.

Outsourcing and Its Importance During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a devastating influence on businesses, particularly in the operational, financial, and marketing areas. Small and medium-sized enterprises are benefiting from corporate continuity programs, which are not functioning as they should in this epidemic.

Outsourcing is the most viable option for keeping the company on track during COVID-19 since it provides a sense of security and stability, allowing businesses to focus on their core competencies rather than being distracted by tedious administrative tasks.

Key Changes in Outsourcing Due to COVID-19

We may sum up the modifications in one word: remote work. This past year, several businesses adopted work-from-home policies, and most of them intend to continue it. According to Gartner’s survey, more than 80% of companies consider permitting remote work after the pandemic.

Even though things are going back to “normal”, many organizations will continue to be remote or partially remote, thus the outsourcing business will be significantly impacted. How so?

Here’s how:

More and More Services Will be Outsourced

Despite the fact that many outsourced services (such as accounting and virtual bookkeeping) have long been prevalent, their importance will only grow. Many of the essential working positions will be outsourced as businesses focus their efforts on the most important functions. This will be particularly useful for small or medium-sized enterprises. For example, accounting for small companies is likely to be one of the most commonly outsourced services.

Tech-friendliness Will Be Indispensable

Before COVID-19 technologies were required, they are now unavoidable. Businesses will collaborate with outsourcing organizations that can help their employees adjust to technological change. A financial expert with the most up-to-date technology for running an online payroll service would be quite hard to find.

Co-sourcing Will Become More Common

Co-sourcing is a one-to-one business collaboration that has a long-term relationship in mind. Co-sourcing, in essence, might imply collaborating on the same project (or product) both internally and externally. A business may, for example, work on launching the most up-to-date mobile payment software while outsourcing a financial expert for collaboration.

Value Networks Will Continue Increasing

In the outsourcing scenario, value networks are connections between various outsourcing partners. After the epidemic, we may anticipate outsourcing organizations to collaborate to offer higher-quality services to their customers and adapt to technological changes more quickly and efficiently.

Outsourcing Will Continue to Ensure Efficiency for Businesses

After the pandemic, efficiency will become more important than ever, and outsourcing can assist in achieving it. Outsourcing bookkeeping services or using virtual assistants might help businesses to get the most out of their employees and focus on high-value activities.

Outsourcing Will Continue To Aid in Business Development

As more and more businesses turn to outsource services, they are finding that these save money while also eliminating the requirement for new non-core employees. Businesses may save money on training and office space by hiring finance experts or HRs through outsourcing.

We’ve witnessed how the pandemic might have had an impact on outsourcing. With this, we’re not saying that outsourcing is a bad idea or that it will simply disappear. In reality, according to experts, outsourcing and BPOs are projected to flourish in this period of the “new normal.”

Why Is It Now the Best Time to Begin Outsourcing?

Now is the moment to really get creative and think about your company in a new light. There’s now enough space and time to try new things and take advantage of the unique situation to test innovative ideas. Outsourcing is a good option for any job that you don’t want to do or can’t find time to accomplish.

Remote Working Has Become the New Normal 

It’s now or never to start laying the groundwork and testing out outsourcing with your company since working in several offices and locations makes it much simpler for a freelancer to fit in. People with the needed expertise can be sent out tasks as soon as they arrive on your desk, and nothing is forgotten or left until deadlines are approaching.

Grow Your Business With the Right Support

GlobalityNet was built to help small and midsize businesses compete in a global marketplace. Get yours by outsourcing globally with one of the fastest-growing outsourcing companies in the USA.

  • Collaborative

We will always aim for win-win outcomes. This means partnering with stakeholders and customers and working side-by-side with them in achieving our objectives.

  • Respect

From our customers and our team members to our vendors and even the environment, we will treat each one with the respect it deserves just as we expect others to respect us.

  • Agile

We are quick on our feet to adapt to changing situations. We act with purpose and with a sense of urgency. No matter your industry, we can handle your outsourcing needs.

  • Empathy

We will put ourselves in the shoes of our partners. By changing our perspective, we can better understand where the other is coming from and provide a more sincere and positive experience.

Avoid Burnout and Thrive 

During a pandemic, many sectors remain stagnant, but your organization does not have to do so. This is an opportunity for any company to grow as investing in outsourcing services eliminates the risk of overloading and fatiguing yourself. COVID fatigue is a genuine problem for many company executives, so there’s never been a better time to try outsourcing.

Outsourcing During a Pandemic

Many businesses have felt the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact in a very brief period of time. Today, companies can barely avoid the obvious need for the team that has been outsourced. As a result, investing in a well-known outsourcing business is a very important choice that may eventually improve productivity and efficiency.

During an epidemic, outsourcing has several advantages that have been mentioned above. Outsourcing has a lot to give that aids in organizational resilience as part of the business continuity plan for an epidemic, whether it’s a route to market, new technology, client requirements, or fresh working methods for powering the company.

GlobalityNet and COVID-19

Just like all other businesses globally, this pandemic has devastated every industry, in and out of global outsourcing. GlobalityNet is adhering to local ordinances with associates working from home or in the office with limitations where allowed.

That being said, our main function is to help you hire employees in other countries. And as a result, global outsourcing has grown tremendously due to the pandemic itself. Demand has, in fact, never been hiring. As an introduction call, we can help you identify what businesses in your area are seeking outsourcing as a means to not only cope with the pandemic but to increase budgets by reducing overhead.

Contact us today!

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